Pastor’s Welcome

Greetings! I am glad you have found our website and welcome you to take a moment to check us out. The Lord God, maker of heaven and earth, has made known to the human race the hope of the gospel: Jesus Christ his Son is the Savior of the world.

This simple message is brimming with grace.

Many do not know this message of grace. Many have heard conflicting or confusing statements made about God and Jesus Christ. Many have seen hypocrisy in those who call themselves Christians and have experienced a form of Christianity that was superficial and incapable of addressing their deepest needs. Many have understandably turned their backs on organized religion. Anyone who searches the web for a local church will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with all kinds of churches, all claiming to have something to offer. Maybe you have attended half a dozen other churches and now you have stumbled upon our website. You may be skeptical. You may be full of questions. I invite you to ask your questions! Watch us, read, listen, and explore.

All of Christianity can be summed up in two words: Good News. That’s my welcome to you—we have good news. This is not good advice or good counsel. It is not good therapy or a good laugh. It is good news—news about something that God has done in Jesus Christ for this world fraught with sin, sadness, and superficiality.  I hope to meet you soon!


Pastor Christopher